JKAUMA holds door-to-door campaign to raise awareness about ill effects of drug

Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Unified Martial Arts (JKAUMA) on Monday held a door-to-door campaign in the interior areas of world famous Dal Lake to promote healthy living through martial arts and raise awareness about ill effects of drugs.


Continuing with its ‘Drugs Out, Sports In’ initiative, scores of members of JKAUMA, holding banners and pamphlets, assembled at Abi Nowpora in the city on Monday. The members distributed pamphlets and educated people about ill effects of drugs.


During the campaigning, which was powered by AS Cements, the academy also promoted self defence training for girls and women, besides laid emphasis on the rising number of mental health issues in Kashmir valley.


The members of the academy went door to door and interacted with families living in the area. “One of the major problems in drug de-addiction is relapse, because the victims are unable to locate any constructive platform which can engage them positively. JKAUMA spearheading it’s missing intends to fill that vacuum by bringing in martial arts which not only focuses on physical development, but strengthening the mental facilities of a person,” JKAUMA General Secretary Rameez Khan said.


He said during their interaction with locals, the members emphasized about importance of spending time with children. “In today’s fast life, people tend to give less time to family following which in some cases children end up going drugs. But, children, who get more attention and time of parents, have less chance of becoming a drug addict,” he added.


So, he said the basic idea behind today’s campaigning was to educate parents about their duties towards their children and how they can protect them from drug addiction.


Meanwhile, locals lauded the efforts done by JAKUMA to raise awareness about ill effects of drug addiction and promoting healthy living through martial arts. “These young men and women are doing a great job of raising awareness about an issue, which has the potential of not only destroying a life or a family, but an entire national,” Mohammad Aslam, a 60-year-old local resident, said.


Aslam said drugs have penetrated deep into the roots of the society and it is the responsibility of every individual to fight it.

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