JKAUMA kick-starts ‘Drugs out-Sports In’ initiative in J&K, organizes seminar in SSM college

The Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Unified Martial Arts (JKAUMA) on Saturday kick-started ‘Drugs Out, Sports In’ initiative to fight drug addiction in the state by promoting healthy living through Martial arts.

In this endeavour, JKAUMA organized a seminar at SSM College of Engineering, Pattan on Saturday to spread awareness among students about the ill effects of drug addiction and how to resist and overcome this menace.

During this seminar, the academy also promoted self-defence training for girls and women, besides the laid emphasis on the rising number of mental health issues in Kashmir valley.

Many dignitaries, including Learning Programme Director International School Kashmir Teacher Satriya, Chairman of Centre for youth development Imtiaz R Chasti, Consultant for Kashmir Life Line Cody Valdes, Councilor for Kashmir Life Line Nazia Rashid, spoke about drugs de-addiction, important of becoming healthy through martial arts and countering mental health issues in the state, particularly Kashmir valley.

“One of the major problems in drug de-addiction is a relapse because the victims are unable to locate any constructive platform which can engage them positively. JKAUMA spearheading it’s missing intends to fill that vacuum by bringing in martial arts which not only focuses on physical development but strengthening the mental facilities of a person,” the organizers of the event said.

Many martial arts demonstrations, including self-defence tips to girls, were given during the seminar.
According to a report published by the United Nation Drugs Control Programme (UNDCP), over 70000 people in the Kashmir valley are drug addicts. The report further states that these addicts belong to 17 to 35 age group.

Rameez Khan, General Secretary JKAUMA said that the academy is trying to do its parts to create awareness about drug abuse and promote healthy living in the state through martial arts.
“We will be organising similar seminars in others schools, colleges and universities in the state to spread awareness about these issues,” he said.

He said the academy also intends to encourage girls and women to take up martial arts to defend themselves and their families.

He said our main academy is running from a centre in Natipora, where we provide training to school children, including girls, and now women are also showing interest in learning martial arts.

Mr Cody, a Canadian, said that martial arts doesn’t only improve a person’s physical health, but also improves his mental health.

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