Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Unified Martial Arts (JKAUMA) has launched an initiative to promote ‘Self-defence among girls and women’ by organizing seminars in schools and colleges in the valley, besides opening up a state of the art training centers.

During one such seminar, Hafsa, who is a national player and has won several medals in Taekwondo and other forms of martial arts, said self-defense is as important as quality education for a student, particularly girls. “The current atmosphere in the country, including the state, is as such that self-defense should be made mandatory in all schools for girls. If a girl or a woman is well versed with self-defense techniques, she can not only protect herself but others as well,” she told a group of girl students.

Self-defence, especially for women and girls, is of utmost importance in the kind of the world we live in today. Women usually referred to as the weaker sex, are considered easier targets hence self-defense for women has become a necessity more than ever.

Various studies have shown that criminals tend to choose their targets when they (potential victims) are unaware of their surroundings. Therefore, it is time that each woman and girl became vigilant and totally aware of their surroundings.

The women should be aware of the strategies to be adopted under different adverse circumstances. For example, if you’re alone at home during such an attack, you should hurriedly run to the kitchen to find chili powder and knives to use them as weapons. Or if you encounter an attacker on a deserted street, you should know how to defend yourself.

JKAUMA through its initiative is working towards women self-defense awareness. There are two responses if someone attacks a person, he/she either fights back or freezes. The academy through its programme intends to equipped women and girls to fight rather than freeze and teach them how to put up a fight and protect themselves against the attacker. In this endeavor, JKAUMA has hosted workshops and demonstrations to increase awareness about street violence. The academy has also engaged a Canadian, who is first Dan Black Belt.

Some Quick Tips & Tricks for Self-defence:
1. Pretend to be submissive at first and fight back when the attacker is off-guard.
2. Stay fit enough to run fast.
3. Keep a check when walking on the road to avoid groping or chain-snatching from behind.
4. Keep your purse to your front and walk paying full attention around.
5. Try avoiding high-heeled footwear when you have to walk a long distance and in unknown territories.
6. Say out ‘STOP’ in a loud and aggressive voice when a need is but avoid using swear words or threats.